Download a map for an airplane on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.19.0

Download an airplane map for Minecraft PE and go on an incredible adventure on an airplane!

The best Airplane maps for Minecraft PE

Maps for planes in Minecraft PE allows you to enjoy the the beauty and incredible of transport. It will also help you find out how the flying device works as a whole. The locations have a wide variety of aircraft as well as their companies.

Five aircraft

This map is one of the best, with 5 variants of aircraft available. All of them are part of the airline “ ANA

Information: ANA is a Japanese carrier and the second largest international airline.

Fact: The author of the location was able to perfectly detail the aircraft, paying attention to every detail in Minecraft PE.

Aircraft have both internal and external design.

Inside they are arranged exactly the same as in reality. The creator did not dare to add his own details. Therefore, the arrangement of things is repeated. The style is based on a combination of dark oak and white wool.

Interesting: There is also not only the interior decoration, but also the kitchen, toilet, trunk and control cabin.

Steel Birds

The main forces of the author of the map for Minecraft PE were aimed at detailing inside the plane .

Fact: From the outside, the ship does not look very believable, but inside the developers did their best.

There are several types of business and economy flying cars on the territory.

Interesting: There is also a military helicopter, which is covered with a protective layer and carries a machine gun.

In addition, the developer decided to play with the shades and colors of the aircraft, which became quite a a great idea .

Orange passenger seats blend perfectly with the lobby. Paintings and classic oak boards add variety.

Work plane

The map for Minecraft PE contains a airport with working planes . To implement the flight of these vehicles, the developer built a mechanism based on command blocks.

Important: Steel birds are controlled using several items in the inventory hotbar.

The crossbow is needed to move forward, and the trident and fishing rod turn the plane to the left and right, respectively. Also Netherite helmet and boots lift the vehicle forward, and also up and down. In addition, the diamond sword is used to fly straight.


  • Are there any planes inside?

    Aircraft have both internal and external design.
  • How many aircraft are there?

    There are several types of flying machines on the map.
  • What is the detail?

    The author was able to perfectly detail the aircraft, paying attention to every detail.