Download backpack mods for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.13.0 - 1.19.2

Download backpack mods for Minecraft PE: transfer a large amount of resources with the help of beautiful backpacks.

Backpack mods for Minecraft PE

All Minecraft PE users are familiar with the problem of lack of space in the inventory.

Taking a chest with you every time is not an option, because you cannot save all things in it at once and then put them in your inventory.

Tip: To solve this problem, we suggest you download the mod for backpacks , for your minecraft.

In fact, backpacks are very useful things. They can help when mining or when building something really big.

Fact: Backpacks can be used when you don’t have free slots and don’t know where to put things.

In these situations, backpacks can provide extra space for your belongings .

Backpacks can help when mining resources or building something really big.

Backpacks in Minecraft PE have their own interface for folding items. They are available in both creative and survival.

If you find them, just come close to get the backpack on the back.

And to open backpacks , you need to put them on the ground and press. There is a possibility of changing the color and dyes will help with this.

They can only be opened when they are removed from your body. To put the backpack back, you need to press the shift button.

Mod Features

  • High quality 3D models;
  • 17 colors available;
  • Ability to lock and unlock the backpack using a special key;
  • Ability to transfer a large number of items;
  • Backpacks have their own inventory with a user interface.

Backpacks are divided by capacity (sizes visually change, different slots).

What makes this mod unique is that it is playable in multiplayer . That is, being on the server, other players can also have their own backpack and fully use it.

But you can also use the backpacks of other players on the server. The functionality is similar to the chest , but unlike it, the backpack can be worn on the back, keeping items in it and blocking it for strangers.


This mod brings colorful backpacks in two sizes to Minecraft PE. To make backpacks you need to build a sewing table . It consists of a workbench, scissors, 4 iron ingots and 3 oak blocks.

The backpacks themselves are created from two blocks of wool, a chest, two iron ingots, thread and leather. There are 27 slots available in one regular backpack, and 54 in a large one.