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What’s new in Minecraft PE

Mojang developers have reconsidered their attitude towards residents and endowed them in Minecraft with new functions and abilities.

Now the village will have a variety of buildings, cartographic tables, stone cutters, bonfires and much more. One of the most interesting innovations is Marauder raids . They will rob the villagers and destroy the village.

In Minecraft PE, some aspects of gameplay, mobs and items have been improved. They have been assigned new parameters that will definitely come in handy for players.

Crashes in MCPE

When the “Village and Robbery” update was introduced in Minecraft, some players had numerous bugs and crashes. The Mojang developers started fixing them right away.

Thanks to this, now in Minecraft PE there will be no crashes when visiting new villages. When entering the terrain, the frame rate dropped sharply, which led to braking. But now players can freely visit the village.

Also fixed a crash that occurred when trading with a new type of villager. At the moment, there will be no problems with the transaction.


The gameplay had to be given special attention, because the addition of the raid function is a very heavy load on the Minecraft PE system .

The structure of a lightning strike has changed in MCPE. Now it will not hit the mobs that are under the blocks. This is due to the removal of the bottom scope.

Rural farms, in turn, will not produce an infinite amount of wheat. This bug made it easier to get some achievements, so it was decided to remove it.


The model of behavior of residents was changed in Minecraft . It has become more thoughtful and rational .

Work was done with the schedule of residents. The Mojang team decided to cut their rest time completely. Now, most of the time, they will spend at work and will carry out all the duties.

Small villagers will no longer participate in trade until they grow up. Previously, they held the trade item in their hands, but now they have completely removed it.


  • What happened to the behavior model of residents in Minecraft PE

    It has become more thoughtful and rational.
  • What specific changes have occurred in the new beta version?

    In Minecraft PE, some aspects of the gameplay, entities and items have been improved.
  • What are the innovations in version

    The village will now have a variety of buildings, cartographic tables, stone cutters, bonfires and much more.