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Minecraft Pocket Edition – What are the changes?

The update branch MCPE 1.7.0 is a technical update . The developers have eliminated all the lags and crashes.

In addition to all this, the game also had changes related to the console. The command block database has expanded its boundaries. Thanks to this, the whole world can be under the control of the player .

In Minecraft PE there were successful changes to improve the dolphin behavior model, fix some values ​​of the trident, and also change the terrain generation conditions.


These aquatic mammals have universal behavior . Dolphins are the smartest mobs in the ocean. But experts from Mojang do not want to stop at the spot and therefore continue to refine different scenarios of behavior.

In Minecraft, dolphins have become even smarter. For example, if given raw fish, they can direct the player to the ruins or to a natural structure – a shipwreck. Also solved the problem with their freezing in one animation.

World Generation

The world of MCPE has a large number of biomes, natural structures and structures. Their stability greatly affects the proper functioning of the game itself. That is why even potential errors need to be eliminated.

In Minecraft PE, terrain generation changed some conditions . Mesa biomes will now generate correctly. Chaotic generation spoiled all the beauty of the landscape. Icebergs, Seagrass, and Algae will no longer replace Ocean Monument blocks when generated.


Tridents are capable of replacing almost every instrument in the game. They can be used not only as a melee weapon, but also as an alternative to the bow. Correct enchanting will make this weapon incredibly powerful .

For improvement of some indicators , the following changes have occurred in Minecraft

  • tridents can now be modified with an anvil;
  • tridents can now be thrown in any position;
  • missing glitch on enchanted trident when enchanted;
  • fixed rotation of tridents in first person.


  • Why do we need minor fixes in terrain generation?

    Their stability greatly affects the proper functioning of the game itself.
  • What other changes have occurred in the new update branch?

    In addition to all this, there were also console-related changes in the game.
  • What changes were made in the beta version of Minecraft PE

    In Minecraft PE, there have been successful changes to improve the behavior of dolphins, fix some values ​​of the trident, and also change the conditions for terrain generation.