Download mod for Herobrine for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.2

Download Herobrine mod for Minecraft PE : a new creature will appear in the game that will intimidate anyone!

The best Herobrine mods for Minecraft PE

There are many different theories about who Herobrine is. Some consider him to be the deceased brother of Notch, who somehow got into the game in some incomprehensible way. Others think this is an undefined bug. At this point, the existence of Herobrine has not been proven, although some have claimed to have seen it. He is a classic Steve skin with completely white eyes.

For those who also want to see this creature, it is suggested to install mods.

Herobrine and Notch

This modification in Minecraft PE will introduce into the game four types of Herobrine , which will wreak havoc and attack everyone in a row. But they will not go unpunished, since Notch will be added to the game, which will block all attempts at destruction.

Information: To install this mod, it is recommended to use BlockLauncher.

Using the mod starts with the / herobrine command. It is after it that the player will have 5 spawn eggs in his inventory. Each species has its own unique ability.

The Pocket Edition contains the following types of Herobrine:

  • herobrine 2.0;
  • b-brin;
  • fiery;
  • laser.

The fifth being is Notch himself – the creator of the Minecraft game . In its strength, it is in no way inferior to the dragon of the edge.


Mod for Herobrine for Minecraft PE is suitable for those who really like exciting battles. Players will have to not only arrange PvP, but also survive.

To summon Herobrin, you need to build a golem spawn structure. Iron will be replaced with a soul block, and a pumpkin with a hero block.

Note: If you don’t want to mess with it, you just need to write the command / summon iron_golem ~ ~ ~.

The appearance of this entity entails a huge explosion. Immediately after, the long-awaited battle will begin. The attacks of the white-eyed creature, will start from the city of fireballs .

And he will end up with an army of wither skeletons to his aid.


Ultra Mod for Herobrine for Minecraft PE is one of the most advanced developments. The addon boss can clone himself, release fireballs and deal 99999999 damage . Also, the modification brings the biomes of hell and trees without foliage to the game into the ordinary world.

In addition, the mod also adds a sword of a god with 9999 damage . With the weapons presented, you will have a chance to win the battle with Herobrine.


  • What will the Herobrine mod add to the game?

    This modification in Minecraft PE will introduce four types of Herobrin into the game, which will wreak havoc and attack everyone in a row.
  • How to spawn Herobrin?

    Using the mod starts with the /herobrine command. How to understand that Herobrine has appeared?
  • Как понять, что Херобрин появился?

    Появление этой сущности, влечёт за собой огромный взрыв.