Download mod for transformations on Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.2

Download a transformation mod for Minecraft PE: transform into any creature you want!

The best transformation mods for Minecraft PE

The Mojang developers have long decided for themselves that they will not endow the player with the ability to turn into someone. This is a big disappointment, as everyone has ever wanted to become an ender dragon or a wither boss.

But modders could not accept this and created mods for transformations for Minecraft PE . Now everyone can turn into a favorite mob or into another creature.


Morph is the most famous and oldest modification for Minecraft PE, which provides the ability to turn into any mob.

The transformation takes place with the help of a hell star, which will be called “ Morph “. To get a new look, just click on these items in essence.

Important: Installing the Morph Mod requires a blocklauncher.

Mob Morphing Addon

Mob Morphing add-on capabilities are much more than in the previous mod. Instead of a hellish star, in this addon, it is enough just to come close to your goal.

This Minecraft PE add-on was created for newer versions. There is a possibility of incorrect display, but a full-fledged addon will be released soon.

Information: To return to the original form, you need to be reborn.

Visual Morph

The Visual Morph mod is one of the modern additions for Minecraft PE. Already have to forget about the hell star and approaching your goal, because you just need to register a command.

To start this process, you need to enter the command function mm / setup, which will generate a command block. Then you need to write / function morph-engine into it, while turning on the circular mode.

The Bedrock Edition will then automatically add new commands to itself. And to terminate, you will need to write the command / function morph-to and the name of the mob.
Info: The game will also be able to reincarnate back by writing just / function morph-off .

Cda’s Morph

Cda’s Morph is one of the best mods for turning into mobs for Minecraft PE. The add-on allows the player to take the form of 28 different creatures of the game . To do this, you need to kill the corresponding mob, or use a special item.

Special artifacts are created in the crafting table from resources that are associated with the selected creature . For example, you need gunpowder to transform into a creeper. You can become human back as an object from the dirt block.


  • How to start morphing into a Morph mod?

    The transformation takes place with the help of a hell star, which will be called "Morph."
  • How to return to its original state in the Mob Morphing addon?

    To return to its original form, you need to be reborn.
  • Which mod is more suitable for newer versions of Minecraft PE?

    Visual Morph mod is one of the modern add-ons for Minecraft PE.