Download Xray textures for Minecraft PE

Version MCPE 0.14.0 - 1.19.0

Download Xray textures for Minecraft PE: get X-ray vision to search for precious ores in caves.

What are Xray textures on Minecraft PE?

Xray in Minecraft PE are special textures with which users can very quickly find resources in caves .

These decorations are commonly used by cheaters to search for diamonds and other precious ores. For this reason, Ixreus has a rather bad reputation.

Useful Ixreus

The presented texture for Minecraft PE has two versions. One of them makes for the user the whole stone is invisible . The second is also capable of hiding blocks of land with grass.

Information: Thanks to these functions, it is quite easy to find expensive resources and blocks.

In addition, the decorations for the useful iksrei in Minecraft PE contain a mod for coordinates . With the help of such a modification, you will definitely not get lost in the winding passages of the caves.


The presented textures on Xray for Minecraft PE give players X-ray vision . Its distinctive feature is the ability to search for creatures.

Important: These decorations do not hide a single mob from the user’s eyes.

These textures for Minecraft PE also introduce an imbalance in the gameplay . After all, they give a certain advantage over other players. Therefore, we do not recommend overusing Ixreus in survival with friends.

Renewed X-Rey

Decorations for the updated X-Ray are functional. However, they also allow Minecraft PE players to see through walls. These textures are highlighted only by more flexible settings .

From now on, users will be able to select those blocks that need to be hidden. The rest will remain in front of the player’s eyes.

Note that as many as sixteen basic modes are available in Minecraft PE. Each is suitable for specific purposes and needs. For example, the Nether setting hides soul sand and hellstone.


  • What are textures on Ixrei for?

    They give players the ability to see through blocks.
  • Can the list of hidden blocks be customized?

    One of the decorations on Xray has such a function.
  • Is it possible to use the decorations on Ixrei to find diamonds?

    Yes, but it is highly discouraged to overuse it.