James Sands

About the author

James Sands is the author of the site https://planet-minecraft.com/ and independent expert in the field of Minecraft. With the help of my articles, I help users to better understand the game.

James Sands


My developments are high-quality collections of minecraft versions, as well as add-ons in the form of maps, mods, seeds and textures for the game!

I post extremely interesting and useful content for the user on the site.

I personally check the files presented on my site. Each of them works 100%.


Before starting my writing career, I worked for five years as a Minecraft tester and worked as an administrator for three social networks. networks on this topic. The property had its own server! I have studied the following professions at the level of a minecraft expert:

  • builder;
  • modder;
  • editor;
  • administrator.


My hobbies include learning new sports (how about a swamp mountain bike?) And running a small tour. agency


You can contact me in several ways:

  1. personal mail: [email protected]
  2. for site inquiries: [email protected]