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Minecraft Pocket Edition – What’s new to see?

The “ Better Together ” update has added new colors to the game. The new functionality of the added objects is simply surprising, because there have not been such additions yet.

The game features parrots, fireworks, a new interface, an armor rack, flags and much more. Additions will still continue in beta versions of the game .

In Minecraft PE, the Mojang developers have given their attention to the underwater world. Their changes manifested themselves in entities and tridents. Also, some adjustments in the work of the blocks.


Tridents are a very multifunctional item . They have fixed missions that make these weapons incredible. But such objects are usually very difficult to controlled by the system.

To make the trident work better in Minecraft , the following changes have been made:

  • enchanting will no longer repaint them red;
  • attack damage is shown in the tooltip;
  • fix for weird trident behavior when hitting snow? now only owners can own this weapon;
  • it is allowed to use the dispenser.


Each update brings with it an improvement in the behavior of mobs. Their stability affects many processes in the game . That is why, careful refinement of entities is required.

In Minecraft PE, some creatures received an update to their behavior scenarios:

  • polar bears and drowned bears spawn in frozen oceans;
  • zombies and skeletons burn in daylight while in a boat;
  • the appearance of bubbles when attacking the guard;
  • fish will no longer be invisible on some devices.


In most cases, in-game braking occurs as a result of improper interaction of two objects. This problem can only be resolved by full item fix .

These are the changes above the blocks that appeared in Minecraft . To begin with, the visual model of the water has been changed.

This was done to solve the problem of placing blocks under water. Another change in Minecraft PE occurred with sand of souls and gravel. They will now be generated again in the underworld.


  • What were the main changes in Minecraft

    In Minecraft PE, the Mojang developers paid their attention to the underwater world.
  • What caused the brakes in previous versions?

    In most cases, in-game slowdowns appear as a result of incorrect interaction of two objects.
  • What changes were made to mobs in the new version?

    In Minecraft PE, some creatures received an update to their behavior scenarios: