Minecraft PE 1.20.0

Version 1.20.0 for Android
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Download Minecraft 1.20.0 for Android free with a working Xbox Live: use all the abilities of the update by growing trees, meeting new mobs and exploring beautiful biomes!

Minecraft 1.20.0

The Mojang development team constantly surprises fans of the game world. Minecraft PE 1.20.0 is no exception: there is a lot of great content for users, including new biomes, different mobs, and additional features.


The developers announced this feature a long time ago. Finally, Minecraft 1.20.0 players can try themselves as an archaeologist of the game world. You can arrange excavations anywhere, but it is best to go down into the lower layers of the soil.

You can find some treasures on the territory of the game, for example, ancient fragments of ceramics with drawings and interesting textures.

Archaeology offers players using of special brushes, which makes the process even more exciting.


The game developers team added small insects to the swamps of Minecraft PE 1.20.0. These mobs can serve as food for amphibians, so they are an irreplaceable link in the game world.

Fireflies also have an additional function – to illuminate the space in the dark.

If Steve lacks lighting fixtures, the light of these insects will be useful.

Mangrove forests

Many players have already appreciated mangrove swamps in Minecraft 1.19. Unusual trees can grow not only there but in new biomes.

Such forests consist entirely of this type of tree. Mangrove trees have big roots. They can grow not only in water but also on land. Minecraft PE 1.20.0 players can plant them and create a forest inside the game.

There is high humidity in some places of the new forests. It is the reason for the appearance of a large amount of mud. However, mud blocks are not as useless as they may seem.

You can dry the mud and form bricks from it. After that, you build a good house.


  • How to grow a mangrove tree?

    You need to rut a root into the water.
  • Can fireflies be useful for players?

    Yes, their lights can help to see the way in the dark.
  • How to use mud?

    Players can build houses from mud bricks.